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Adjustable Bed Bases

The luxury of perfect sleep is yours with an adjustable base from fitmattressfactory! Our handsome designs allow you to create a refined environment for a perfect sleep escape, just like you’ve been dreaming of. With over 40 years of creating innovations for bedrooms across America right here in our New Jersey factory, we proudly present the upper echelon of sleep with adjustable bases that customize your bedroom into your own slice of heaven. Extraordinary sleep and comfort become yours with the touch of a button!

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Ultra Foundation Design adjustable base details

Our innovative design features add even more luxury to your sleep experience. Topped with our exclusive Fit Mattresses, you’ll find it easy to adjust it even further to your own level of comfort. Effortlessly intuitive, we’ve added impeccable features to our adjustable bases that create a luxurious sleep oasis for you every night.

Each adjustable base comes with a back-lit wireless flashlight remote with advanced features which allow you to see even in the dark. Simply touch the buttons to raise the head and foot of the bed. Want it flat again? Our One-Touch Flat Button adjusts it with ease.

Choose one of our adjustable bases that provide head-to-toe rejuvenating massages to lull you into a blissful state of relaxation. Zero Gravity models relieve all your pressure points and make you feel as though you’re floating away, bringing you to the most restful, and healthy state of sleep you’ve ever had.

Set your favorite positions with programmable modes to get into your prime sleep position every night. And set the mood with the under-bed light for opulent ambience or ease of seeing in the dark without having to turn on other lights. With sleek, contemporary designs, our adjustable bases bring stylish comfort to your bedroom while supporting your best rest.

Let us help you choose your adjustable base for your Fit Mattress today. Come visit our showroom if you’re near. And if you’re far, you will still get our unparalleled level of outstanding customer care through our live 24/7 customer service phone support to help you find your fit!