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At The Fit Mattress Factory, we manufacture our own brand of mattresses and box springs thoughtfully, with you in mind.

Exclusive Custom Fit

Our mattresses are for personalized sleep that is deeper and healthier.

Made in the USA

Exclusive Guaranteed Night & Day Differences

Comfort Guarantee

Our exclusive comfort promise is available on select mattresses

  • $549.00$1,189.00

    Prestige Double Hand-tufting Mattress

    The Prestige mattress is made to last with double hand-tufting for durability and consistent longevity. Layer upon layer of comfort and support will make your mattress the envy of family and friends. With the Prestige, we have achieved a level of quality unmatched in the industry at a price still accessible for those on a modest budget. Enjoy it for years, then bequeath the gift of amazing sleep to your favorite relative. To long life and great sleep on the Prestige!

    Prestige Double Hand-tufting Mattress
  • $119.00$549.00

    Deluxe Firm Innerspring Mattress

    This basic mattress gives you a durable and consistent sleep surface.
    Enjoy the simple pleasure of a great night’s sleep!

    Upholstered bed not included.

    Deluxe Firm Innerspring Mattress
  • $179.00$699.00

    Inspiration Firm Mattress

    Our Inspiration Firm mattress contours perfectly to every curve of your body.
    Stretch your budget further and stretch out on your new Fit mattress.

    Upholstered bed not included.

    Inspiration Firm Mattress
  • $329.00$849.00

    Teddy Bear Multi Layer High Density Foam Mattress

    The Teddy Bear mattress also features a layer of latex foam for added durability. This mattress catered to firm mattress fans without alienating soft touch sleepers.

    Upholstered bed not included.

    Teddy Bear Multi Layer High Density Foam Mattress

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Long lasting defense for your mattress

Our Mattress Protectors are made of luxurious smooth fabric and feature the best technological advances available in the industry such as Antimicrobial, Hypoallergenic, Stain and Liquid Protection.

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Shredded foam provides a down-alternative soft “feather” pillow feel. Contours to your head, neck & spine more efficiently than a down pillow. Alternative with the durability/longevity of a memory foam


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