Discover the science of a deep, sound, and utterly rejuvenating sleep with accessories for your bed at fit mattress factory!

science of a sound sleep

Performance bedding and accessories

Paired with one of our dream-worthy mattresses, these accessories will further enhance your sleeping experience. It’s not just a quality mattress that will carry you off to dreamland. Our accessories provide added value to extend the life of our mattresses and aid in your complete comfort for the best sleep you’ve ever had.
For over 40 years, fitmattressfactory has been creating affordable mattresses and accessories in our New Jersey factory with the sole purpose of giving everyone across America access to products that bring them a healthier and more restful sleep. Forget the hassles and let us handle the rest.

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Here, you’ll find mattress protectors that will secure your mattress investment in a variety of options and mattress sizes from Twin to California King to keep you cool while staving off irritants, dust mites, mold, and bacteria. They also create a perfect barrier so that any spills from beverages – whether it’s your bedside glass of water or a steaming cup of morning coffee – never penetrate through to your Fit Mattress.

With that, we also provide the perfect pillow to match your ideal mattress. We create them here in our factory to give you better sleep all around. Choosing a Fit Mattress for better sleep is only part of the solution. If you keep using subpar pillows, you’ll never get the rest your body needs.
Our pillows are thoughtfully-designed to enhance your sleep like never before. 

They provide spinal support, are hypoallergenic, and draw moisture away so that getting quality sleep to have a healthful life is easy. Stop into our New Jersey showroom in our factory and let us show you more about our accessories for your Fit Mattress, or shop right here at fitmattressfactory to have everything you need to accompany our top-tier mattresses sent right to your door. Got questions? 

We offer live 24/7 customer service and support to help you make the right decision for your sleep needs, allowing you to have complete peace of mind any time.