When it comes to getting the best sleep you’ve ever had, a Fit Mattress will fit your life. But without a proper pillow, you’re forgetting the crucial spinal support your neck needs.

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Smart Pillows

Get the best rest with Fit Mattress and our line of luxurious, innovative Smart Pillows that have revolutionized the bedding industry. At Fit Mattress Factory, we specialize in creating more than just the best mattresses for a healthier and better sleep. But without a proper pillow, you’re missing out on getting the complete support you need. Put your sleep troubles to rest with one of our uniquely-designed pillows personalized to your specific needs.

We use LOFT-X™ Memory Foam, our own exclusive Fit Mattress Thermoregulation Technology. This intuitive, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial material serves as the base for all our pillows, whether you prefer them extra firm or extra soft.
They are designed to respond dynamically to your sleep environment, giving you a cool and dry microclimate while you sleep.

Our live 24/7 customer service phone support can help you discover the right Smart Pillow to send you off into the blissful world of dreamland. Each one uses breakthrough technology that has set the bar high for the newest standards in the industry.
We’re proud to offer you Smart Pillows with features you can’t find anywhere else.

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With spinal support to cushion the tender area of your neck and breathable moisture reduction technology, you’ll never sleep easier than with one of the pillows you’ll find here at Fit Mattress Factory. They even feature 2-year limited warranty! Stop in and see us at our New Jersey showroom and factory to feel the difference for yourself, or order the best pillows for your healthiest sleep right here with ease.
Custom options are available so that we can design the pillow of your dreams. We’re happy to walk you through the process and help you build the right pillow to serve your sleep needs. Wake up refreshed and comfortable every day with our exclusive Smart Pillows at factory-direct prices!