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Heavy Duty Classic Bed Frames

At Fit Mattress Factory, we know there’s nothing like a classic. That’s why we’ve improved upon the standard classic bed frames you’ll usually find at any mattress provider. Instead of compromising quality though, we’ve gone above and beyond to craft our classically-styled bed frames from the highest quality heavy-duty steel, all made right here in the USA in our New Jersey factory. We’re your one-stop, factory-direct place for setting up your best night’s sleep. Our bed frames all provide impeccable support for any of our quality mattresses, ensuring you sleep easy. We design them to stay put and withstand any weight you top it with. With frames that can handle well over 2,500 pounds, isn’t it time you tried Fit Mattress Factory?

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Other mattress manufacturers just do the bare minimum, but at Fit Mattress Factory your best sleep is our top priority. That’s why we craft our bed frames to be sturdy enough to keep you supported night after night, year after year. With reinforced sides to prevent flexing and warping, it stays strong for years to come. Even if your kids come in and jump on the bed!
With bed frames available to fit any of our custom-designed mattresses, we have the right one for you. Choose classic bed frames, extra-large, or even hybrids that provide zero motion transfer or noise, perfect for even the lightest sleepers out there.

It’s an ideal solution when you share a bed with someone who gets up more frequently in the night, goes to bed later than you, or has to get up long before you need to.
Sleep easy knowing that Fit Mattess Factory has your bed frame covered with a generous manufacturer warranty. We’ve been helping restless people across America get better sleep and achieve better health through sleep for over 40 years!
Sleep even easier if you have any questions about our bed frames, mattresses, or any of our other accessories with our live 24/7 customer service phone support that can help you make the perfect choice for your Fit Mattress bed frame!