What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Buying a Custom Mattress

Did you know you could buy a custom mattress, designed exclusively for you? If you didn’t, now you do! This is good news for anyone who wants a mattress made to fits their needs.
Not knowing this though, looking back means that there are plenty of tips to share with you about buying a custom mattress. Before you buy a new mattress, consider these points about what I wish I knew a year ago for buying a custom mattress.
Size is perhaps most important
When you’re looking to buy a custom mattress, the most important thing you have to know as you inquire about it is the size you need. If you already have a frame for the mattress you’re replacing, you’ll need to measure it to be sure you order the correct size. After all, if you have a King mattress and a frame or platform that fits it, if you order the California King, you’ll run into a problem.
If you can’t remember the size of your old mattress or it was handed down to you, you can always measure it so you know which size mattress to request when having a custom mattress made for your comfort. Simply use a tape measure for the length, width, and height to ensure you order the right one.
Here are the standard mattress sizes in inches:
Twin 39 x 75
Twin XL 39 x 80
Full 54 x 75
Queen 60 x 80
King 76 x 80
California King 72 x 84
Know how you want that custom mattress to feel
Once size has been determined and decided upon, the next thing you need to think about is what kind of bed you like. Do you want it firm? Soft? Pillow top? One-sided? Two-sided? To get a great feel for it, you should absolutely go and try them out. Fit Mattress Factory welcomes you to the showroom any time to feel them out for yourself. This way, you can discover what feels most comfortable to you.
Everyone has their own ideal for what a perfect mattress feels like. You can’t fully decide that for a custom mattress unless you come feel it for yourself!
Choose the style of mattress
There are many different mattress styles to choose from out there. As you select your custom mattress in feel, you should also consider what kind of mattress to choose. Do you want a memory foam mattress? Or perhaps an innerspring? If you’re not sure what will suit you best, you can ask our experts at Fit Mattress Factory to get the right style of mattress and then customize the comfort level to your liking.
It’s ideal if you have certain needs too
The mistake many people make when shopping for a new mattress is that it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. For example, one thing most people wish they knew is that a custom mattress can be made to adjust it to your level of comfort, meaning you can request a mattress to be built to the firmness you desire.
When you buy a mattress from the showroom or inventory, it comes as-is. So you must be happy with the level of firmness that mattress has out the door. If not, a custom mattress can ensure it’s at your level of comfort. This will result in a beautiful and restful sleep every night.
It can improve your health
And finally, having a custom mattress built is an ideal way to improve your health. Choose it in one of the available sizes with the type of material offered and we can customize that firmness level for you so you feel comfortable in your sleep for years to come.
When you build a custom mattress, you will sleep so much better when it’s tailored to your needs. Good sleep is essential for your best health. You can eat right and exercise, but if you’re missing out on quality sleep every night, you’re undoing all your hard work.
Let Fit Mattress Factory build you a custom mattress that fits your life. Whether you want to upgrade to a larger size than you had before or downsize, just let us know which size you choose, the type of mattress you want (memory foam, etc.) and then customize the firmness to your liking. We’ll have your mattress made just for you. Call our excellent customer service team 24/7 to discuss your mattress needs and how we can craft one that fits your life. If you’re nearby, come to the showroom and we’ll help you customize your new mattress to fit your life.
There is one last piece of advice you should always follow when requesting a custom mattress from Fit Mattress Factory. Be sure the measurements you’ve taken are correct. You certainly don’t want to get the measurements wrong to your master bedroom in your brand new home and order a California King when it won’t fit.
Use the old rule that carpenters use – measure twice and cut once – though for these purposes, you won’t have to cut a thing. Once you’re sure the size of mattress you want can fit in your space, let us know and we can discuss options for customizing the firmness of your favorite mattress style for you.
Our 24/7 customer support is ready for you at (973) 528-2831 so call today to sleep better tomorrow!
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